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navigation outside of java?

is it possible to have navigation outside of java? I want to put somewhere else for zoom in, zoom out, left, right, up and down.
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Yes, it's possible with "Java Scripting" this is not anything to do with Java Applets and is not possible with PTViewer Scripter.

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If you read the help file Tourweaver, you will find a chapter concerning the Javascript API of tourweaver, with which you will be able to use these features outside of java applet.
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The original comment is located in the PTviewer Scripter thread.

Yes I think navigation and tool bar are outside the applet combination and should work.  These toolbar is just button graphic sitting in its own table cell.  It works with an image map set of java commands.  Each panorama is a different web page opening in a small window.

We have made this toolbar work with image map hotzones outside the applet code set.  Click on Days INN or Ramada, etc link.  The right mouse click "View source".

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