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Exstensive TW exhibition for Oslo museum

Hi user here:-)
I have been working on a "net exhibition" for Oslomuseum. It is still not finished, but finished enough to ask the community to have a look and provide any feedback. Most of it is in Norwegian and some in English, but that will probably change in future releases. The exhibition has been running at the museum for 4 years now and will run a further year. It has been very popular with schools and therefore we decided to place the whole thing on the web.
The exhibition is about the 6 main religious groups in Oslo and is basically about how religion and religious groups transfer over borders etc.
Any feedback would be very welcome, it is still in beta stage and not open for general public viewing yet. Almost everything is "clickable hotspots" The Musuem is set in an old Police Station from 1902 and all the cells are now used in the exhibition.
The minimum required resolution is at least 1280 x 1024 for best viewing.
Thanks in advance

Alvin Christie
VHR Oslo Museum
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nice work


if you use HDR the photos will be more Details and high quality.

the nikon d5100 has in camera HDR





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Nice post panazon. I got that camera

Hope That Helps