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Setting initial zoom level

Can Ptviewer scripter set the initial zoom level on a 360 Pano?



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Yes indeed!  Not only can you set the initial zoom {fovini=??}, but you can also set the minimum and maximum zoom (fov- field of view); the initial (opening scene) horizontal position plus minimum and maximum horizontal pan; speed and direction of rotation (clockwise or counter-clockwise), and initial vertical position plus minimum and maximum vertical pan (tilt). 

<PARAM name = pano0 value = 

Using your favorite html editor (Notebook works fine for this purpose), open the .html file you want to edit.  Find the section of source code that resembles the code above and insert your own value after the equals sign in each field you want to change.

HINT #1: If your html file references more than one image file, be sure you are editing the values for the correct image.      

<PARAM name = pano2 value = 

The first image is always "pano0", the second is "pano1", etc.

HINT #2:  Be sure to enter a minus sign (negative value) whenever you edit "panmin" or "tiltmin" values.  A minus sign may also be used to set the initial pan and tilt positions ("panini" and "tiltini").  Entering a negative value in the "auto" field will cause your panorama to rotate counter-clockwise.

Happy editing!


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