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Sample fisheye needed for Panoweaver 4

We need some sample fisheye images to go with Panoweaver 4.00.
Currently the samples are not beautiful enough.
I have asked Smooth and Dave for help. Thanks to them.
I'll be much appreciated if any one gives me a hand as well.
We need
-Full circular fisheye image: 2 and 3
-Drum: 4+Top/Bottom
-Full frame: 6+Top/Bottom
Circular and drum are of higher priority, specially with Top/Bottom image.
A reminder:
The correct way for shooting Top/Bottom Fisheye is as follows.
Please shoot Top/Bottom fisheye image on the last rotation.
It means for 4 fisheye, please shoot up and down at the 4th shooting point.
For 6 fisheye,please shoot up and down at the 6th shooting point.
You should stay with the last angle. Shooting in some other position
will cause an incorrect stitching.

Please send to if you have any.
Thanks a million.


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will we get free versions of PV4? :p
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ok, Rosalba (Italian name,huh? I'm from Rome, Italy)

I'll do it ASAP with my D70 + nikon 10.5. Is it compatible? or not?






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