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Golden Goose Scarpe in Asheville

At Charles D. Owen High School in Black Mountain, N.C., Jones ruled as captain of the cheerleading squad. But as an undergrad at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, the 5'1" interior designer gained "the freshman 20," she saysd then another 60 lbs. while finishing her degree in Chicago. "It was like I didn't see [the weight gain]," says Jones, 26, who explains that her studies and a full-time job meant "I had no time to work out." She and her fianc, 26, a collegiate scout, also rely on meals they can "pick up on the way home from work," she says, like pizza and fast food. Eager to "be healthier," Jones adds, "I'd want to lose weight whether I was getting married or not." But the thought of standing before 150 guests at the Biltmore Estate Golden Goose Scarpe in Asheville, N.C., on her wedding day is "an extra motivating factor," she admits. "I want to enjoy taking picturesot running from the camera!"

The neuropsychology student, 24, Golden Goose Scarpe Saldi is not only excited to say "I do," she's equally eager to get rid of her nickname among pals: "Snacks" moniker she earned because "I prefer to eat cheese and chips rather than real food," says the 5'6" bride-to-be. In general, "I eat when I'm not hungry and for no reason," she says. Now she has a big reason to change her habits: When she exchanges vows with Head, 25, in October, "I want my dress," she says, "to be

When Councell, 35, tried on wedding dresses for the first time, she was shocked to find out she was a size 16. "I'll get married in a blanket before I buy a size-16 gown!" says the 5' bride, a customer coordinator who met her fianc茅, 37, online in 2005. For her Renaissance-themed wedding in Plantersville, Texas, Councell wants "a smaller waist and toned arms." But most of all, "I want the look on Kyle's face to be complete shock."

Two years after giving birth to twin boys with longtime boyfriend Montgomery, 41, Hill had lost nearly all 103 lbs. she gained during her pregnancy. Then in 2005 she discovered she was expecting againnd put 77 lbs. back on. Now the 5'3" accountant, 41, says she has "horrifying" 44-inch hips because "I just got caught up in being a mom. I couldn't find the time to work out." An admitted "emotional eater," Hill's first instinct is to reach for a bag of cookies when she gets stressed. And though she follows a vegan diet, "regardless of whether it's a Golden Goose vegan cookie or not, it's got calories!" she says. Hill hopes to show off a new "hourglass" shape when she finally ties the knot in Newark, N.J.uch to the delight of her sons Keoni and Kenji, 6, and Gihan, 3. "My son said to John, 'Are you ever going to marry Mommy?'" she says. "They're very excited!"