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My story is simple." As he helps several other refugees Moncler Jackets Sale clear rocks from the ground beneath their tent Bahauddin Ali, 24, an electrician born in Bangladesh, begins telling how he fled his home in Kuwait and came to live in a sprawling tent camp deep in the Jordanian desert. "I was an electrician with a good business." he With most businesses padlocked and most civilians hiding in their homes, Ali had no more work. And so he left, making his slow way to this primitive camp. "But I'm luckier than some men." he says. "They were shot and killed because they would not give Iraqi soldiers their jewelry or shoes. I saw five people killed this way, and I saw more lying dead in the streets."

One of an estimated half-million or more non-Western refugees who have already streamed out of Kuwait and Iraq. Ali and a group of nine fellow Bangladeshis have just arrived at one of two Jordanian camps at Azraq, a stony wilderness two hours drive west of Iraq. Given the massive movement of humanity, which has prompted one of the greatest relief efforts since the devastating Ethiopian famine of 1985, Ali is glad he has traveled with friends. "We look out for each other, raise the spirits of the  Baghdadone of the many mercy flights arranged by various governments and relief agencies, including the Red Cross and its Middle Eastern counterpart, the Red Crescent.

Designed to hold 50,000 refugees, the two Azraq camps were quickly erected to shelter and process an expected flood of perhaps a million or more Asian and Arab refugees fleeing Kuwait. Most of these are penniless common laborers, forced to abandon their homes as well as their small savings. Because of enormous logistical he repatriation of refugees remains sporadic, with delays of up to three and four weeks.

Ali has no idea how long he will wait in the desert, or how long it will be until he sees his wife and two sons who are back home in Bangladesh. After helping his friends settle in, he stores his little bundle of shirts, pants, underwear and a rolled-up sponge mattress and blankets in a corner, then walks to a nearby clearing. "Maybe the worst is over," he says amiably, scanning the half-mile-long sweep of conical white tents shimmering in the late afternoon heat. "At least here they give us so many snakes and scorpions. Twice there I was given shots for snakebites."

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