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Among the shoe plinths are quotations from fashionistas across the industry written in gold print, glowing on the black painted walls throughout the shoes. A Vivienne quote appears on the wall: "I literally like to put women on a pedestal." An understandable statement when you see the footwear labelled 'super elevated court shoe' notoriously worn by the super model Naomi Campbell in 1993, when she fell over on the catwalk. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more.

As Pope Benedict XVI left the Vatican and his papacy, he slipped out of his trademark red shoes and put on a pair of Mexican leather loafers. The shoes, actually three pairs, two burgundy and one brown, were a gift to the Pope during his trip last year to Mexico.

A medical examination of the bodies later revealed injuries consistent with those inflicted by lightning strikes, Crossett said. Garlock and Macleod were apparently spending leisurely time at the cemetery, he said.

Refrigerator: To remove wax or chewing gum, leave the shoe in the freezer. This hardens the wax or the gum so that you can just chip Golden Goose Sale it off the surface. Clear the residue with a suede brush.

For this step, it is crucial to follow a straight line around the shoe. I would recommend first tracing around the bottom of the sole, and then cutting along this line. For best results, use a blade or similar sharp object to cut off the sole. Only cut about a quarter inch from the bottom of the sole (it is likely that this part of your shoe will be a different color). When you are done, the bottom should be flat as shown.

Inside the building, the empty hallways were shiny white. New principal Joyce Dara claims they'll stay this way. There's artwork from students, and some antibullying posters on the walls.Among the early birds: three kids from the University of Southern California Neighborhood Academic Initiative.

Zhang Da of Boundless is another veteran of China's fashion scene and one of its most intriguing figures, seldom making public appearances. The Shanghaibased Golden Goose Slide designer has been producing capsule collections under his own label for over a decade, making deceptively simple clothing that mixes the aesthetic of Martin Margiela with references to China's revolutionary history, philosophy and culture.