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Easy to get hold of and cheap enough for everyone to enjoy, each wax tart offers a huge amount of fragrancing for your home.busybeecandles. Sometimes called an Oil Burner in the UK and a Pie Warmers in the US, a tart burner allows you to melt wax tart in the dish by lighting a tea light candle below.The resulting wax tart is not edible but there is more [url=]Reed diffusers[/url] to a wax tart than first meets the eye.Why Use A Tart Burner & Wax Tarts?Quite simply, wax tarts are a fantastic way of fragrancing your home. Scented wax thats are made from molten fragranced wax that is placed in a mould and left to set.

The heat from the tea light melts the wax tart above and the hot molten wax releases it's fragrance into a room. They smell absolutely amazing and will fragrance your home with these fabulous scents for hour after (a shameless plug I know) are in my opinion far superior. Give our Strawberry Crush or Lemon Drops tarts a try. It's home fragrancing but due to heat involved is very effective and lasts a lot longer than sprays etc.Wax Tarts?Similar in appearance to the edible [url=]Scented sachets[/url] tarts we are all used to seeing and eating, wax tarts are however different. Paraffin tarts often last just a couple of hours whilst based on my experience and feedback from my customers, soy tarts can last for well over 12 hours of use, each!

At this price, that's just simply incredible. Soy tarts evaporate much more slowly than paraffin tarts and give off their fragrance for a much longer You Can't Eat One - What Do You Do With It?Wax tarts (or pies as they are sometimes called in the US) are for use in a tart burner. The scent contained in the tart is usually quite strong and is instantly released into the room so makes for a great way to add scent to a room in a hurry. My suggestion is that you get on over to our web site and grab some Busy Bee Candles soy wax tarts.Are Any Wax Tarts Recommended?Soy wax tarts such as those made by my company, Busy Bee Candles, www. So, they are cheaper, stronger and just as easy to use as a scented candle. They will definitely "enrich your life" with beautiful fragrance!. A ceramic or glass vessel, a tart burner is essentially a dish with a place to place a tea light candle below. That's why we should all use a tart burner and fragranced wax tarts. The fragrance strength of is usually quite strong and wax tarts offer a purer form of fragrancing than for instance scented candles due to the indirect heating of the fragranced wax in a tart burner.