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Hi out there

After I read about this photomatix I had to test it.

I have a CP5400 and FC-9.

So I did from each pano 3 shots. Dark, medium, light. Unfortunatly in the Aperture Mode I cant change the settings of the camera during one session. Thats what I actually try to do, in the same position, the 3 different states (dark, medium, light).

So I try to adjust the same positions on my manfrotto head. My pano head had has no 120 settings :((

After that I stiched the fotos with PW4. Then squeezed the 3 panos through photomatix. It works!! Well, I think I have to play arround with it to get better results. And maybe the results go better with 4 or 5 states (dark, m-dark, neutral m-light, light).

I really like it. Because of the overshooting light in the windows when its clear outside.

You can have a look at my first time experince with it.
(Peter Mueller Polymechanik)

Fazit: I will use photmatix

regards Markus Canon 20D / Sigma 8mm / Roundshot VR-Drive
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Inter are you still using your CP5400 for your panos your outdoor QT's are great