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The Process?

I'm totally green in this area of uploading, linking, etc. Can someone explain the process to me?

This is what (I think) I know so far.
1. Shoot my images.
2. Stitch them together with Panoweaver.
3. Use PTViewer Scripter to install hot spots, custom bar, etc.
4. Email the file to a Web Master who knows how to add a link to their personal/family web site.

Am I missing anything? Any tips?

Please help.

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Hmmm I think Ill add a couple of steps

1 Shoot the images

2 Stitch them with PW

3 Clean up the panorama with PhotoShop (Quality Control)

4 Use Scripter for hs's etc

5. Add them to your webspage

6 Test page and panorama for quality (Quality Control)

7.  Send to WM or FTP them to your website

8.  Look at your new site content  to verify the pages and panoramas are behaving the way you want them to. (Quality Control)

Don't assume that what you made will actually look like on the website. Have someone else view the new content with a different browser. 




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