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Bit by bit it leaks out...:-)

So V4.0 will allow full screen, multiple shots, plus top and bottom? I was going to buy a 15mm anyway, but if so, means I don't need to buy the 8mm too.

Neill W
Neill Watson
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Of course, Smooth, of course...

I said that because thats what I have done vith my coolpix 4500+FCE8, in the "cropped fisheye" position (F2). With a very good result afetr stitching in PW4.0. Because I can zoom with the fisheye, and of course you can't zoom in with the sigma 8mm. I think I was tired (ore more :) when I suggested that...

Neill, I think you should wait for PW4 before you choose a lens...

Phil, French Guiana