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Help on Easypano Testimonial

Dear all,
I come to ask for help again.  We need some testimonials in written copy to show our customers in China. Anybody can do me the favor and write a testimonial for us? Please rest assured it will be used only for this purpose.
I will appreciate very much if you can help me.
The testimonial should include the following info:
Company,Name,When and which product did you purchase?
How do you use  the product? Comment, Signature,Date.
A short description of your comment is enough.
The hand written fax copy on your company's letterhand is prefered. My fax number is 21-50800745.
Again, million of thanks in advance.
I love you all.

Best regards,
Easypano, Inc

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Do you have Microsoft Word ?  We could create one using MS Word including graphic signature/ company letter head etc and attach the .doc to an email.

You can print the attachment there in your office.

FAX from US to China is an expensive phone call.  Email is free.


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