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Test 2 or 3 Hemisphere

I purchased Easypano just a few days ago. I took some pictures of my diningroom with 2 and 3 hemisphere.

Here you can take a look at the result. I published them as small Quicktime Cubic and just used the standard settings of Easypano. I didn't change anything, except output filesize.

Equipment used:
Nikon coolpix 4500 with fisheye lens
Kaidan Pano Head QuickPan 3 CS
Easypano Panoweaver Pro 3, Mac OSX

I will read through the posts of texas360 Dave, and follow his tipps and instructions to see if I can get better results.

And before somebody asks: No, those are not pictures of me and my girlfirend at the wall ;-)
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Well, first let me say... I think the:

Color balance turned out very good on both the 2 and 3 shot flavor.  Wood color desk and walls look very natural.

However, the ceilings might need a bit of adjustment. While looking at the Zenith.. there are definate shades of gray/white between the 2 and 3 shots.

Suggestions: You probably already know that the ceiling hue differences was caused by the intense window light brightness.  Using the Automatic Exposure Lock and shooting the first 1st shot at the darkest part of the room should help balance out the ceiling shot lines.

I noticed that these are QTVR. Have you tried using the java flavor?  Do you get nearly the same results?

Just a thought this Sunday morning here in Texas.

Happy Holidays


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thanx Dave for your feedback.

I did use the Exposure Lock and took all 5 pictures with the same settings. but I shot the first picture at the brightest part (towards the window). I'll try it the other way tomorrow.

I didn't get diffrent results with quicktime or java. the seams are visible in both versions. I will do some polishing in photoshop, I guess.

happy new year
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Please use larger value in "Blending Width" of the manual stitching panel, which will make the Ceiling/Floor more naturely.

Or, you might download a new version, the default value of the "Blending Width" of the manual stitching panel is changed to 5 instead of 1.

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