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Who is Vicky?

An oddity I have run upon in Panoweaver 3.01 is that the default directory for any open, save or publish is /Vicky at the root level of my hard drive. In previous versions, it was always the Panoweaver application folder.

It would be nice to be able to set preferences for a default output. In fact, none of my settings are carried over to the next session (stitched image size, panorama size, output folder, pan, zoom, limits, etc.) This causes some problems if I forget to reset them all.

BTW - I am getting astonishingly good stitches with three fisheyes! I am also redoing many of my old panos that would never quite stitch perfectly now that I can do manual stitching and I have been able to save quite a few that were hopeless before!

Will the next iteration of PW give the ability to stitch in zenith and nadir shots? Now that would really make PW the ultimate pano software!

Good work Seaman,