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Is any one using the cp8800 with the Nikon FC-E9?

We have just purchased the equipment and now Im learning that this May not be the best set up.

What does it mean when they say the FC-E9 is soft.

What is the best head set up for this camera and lens.

Price is a big consideration.

Can you lead me to some tours using this set up?

Raymond Ross
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I can answer your "Soft" question.

The lens optics do not produce a sharp clear image. It is slightly fuzzy.  But that can be cleaned up by UNsharpening the image in photoshop.  Sounds backward doesn't it.  However, by UNsharpening the image you are only adding a few black pixels along the darker outline edges, enhancing the gray scale blacks giving the affect of sharpening.

Some other forum member might be able to help you with the Pan head recommendations.  OH and don't forget the quick leveler.




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Hi Raymond,

Your set will work great! No worry about it now. It's just you could have chosen a better set up to start out with.

The CP8800 is a great camera, it's the lens and all those adaptor tubes that let it down.

What you need is a MrotatorB panohead and CP8800 support bracket. This is the best you can buy for your set up and it is great because once you fit your FC-E9 to the panorama head the nodal point is found for you without any mucking around.

As Dave has suggested you should improve the final image sharpness by using the sharpening tool in Photoshop. Or even better spend a little cash and buy ultrasharpen filter plug-in for Photoshop (there is a free version also) and this will improve your results no end using the CP8800 and FC-E9

Regards, Smooth

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Hi Raymond

I use the FC E9 as well with my CP8400.

Like smooth and texas already mentioned, you should improve the final picture with the sharpening tool of photoshop or others.

So, dont throw away the FC E9, you can do fine panos with it. :)

regards Markus Canon 20D / Sigma 8mm / Roundshot VR-Drive