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PW30 - Network friendly ??

Why can't PW3pro open image files located on other local area machines used by panorama co-workers ?

We operate a small company local 100baseT area network with 3 workstations 1, 2 and 3.  All workstations are enabled 'Peer to Peer' so that ALL work documents and picture files are accessable between machines. All workstation O/s are XPPro.  All three machines have internet access through a hub/ router/ dsl modem. When working on machine #1 the largest/fastest I have access to contract and image documents located on the other 2 machines.

The PW3.0 software is installed only on the fastest and largest machine #1.   Image file sharing is a basic operating system /network function even while running stand alone software. PW3pro sees only my local machine #1 drives.  When we try access and OPEN a set of image files located on workstation #2,  PW3pro does not seem to see "My Network Places" or "Shared Documents".  Any ideas?? 

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Please download the latest Panoweaver 3.01 in our site. This feature is already available.
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