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When will it work "fully" with Canon 20D and the Canon 350D/XT?

Regards, Smooth

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just took a look at the force software, like smooth i too use a canon.  joined the forum over on there site and emailed the question "will this be available for canon products, if so how long is the wait"  Gregory A. Pruden is the moderator and looks to be the developer of force software as well.   link to the forum here

will post here the result of the email from Gregory A. Pruden when it arrives.


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"When will it work "fully" with Canon 20D and the Canon 350D/XT?"

When Canon pull their fingers out and release the next SDK for their digital SLR's.

DSLR Remote Pro has been in beta for a while awaiting this SDK meantime BreezeSys keep adding features. Latest is menu driven bracketing to augment the scripting only option.

I've used all the beta's of DSLR Remote Pro v1.1 with my 20D and so far have had no problems even when with 7/9 shot bracketing. I've yet to try the 15 shot bracketing included in beta 7 release.

Details of the current beta are on the BreezeSys site here.

There's more info in the BreezeSys forum.