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Photomatix Help

We are newbies and need to improve the lighting and depth in our panoramas.  From one of our previous posts we learned that Photomatix could be helpful in correcting this, and consequently we would like to know if anyone could please give us some tips and advice for using the product.  We take it that we need to take multiple pictures with different exposure times, however we are not exactly sure what exposure times we should use.  In addition, are there any other adjustments that we should make in between shots?  Also, should we use Photomatix with stitched panoramas, or with the individual photos before they are stitched?  Lastly, on the Photomatix website the end result looks pretty impressive, but how well does it actually work in real life?  Any help and/or information will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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If the images you produce are of sufficient quality, then the results you get with PhotoMatix will be as good as those on their web site. The software is that good.

The latest version of PhotoMatix Pro has an alignment feature for combining hand held shots which is OK but doesn't beat a good tripod shot. However, PhotoMatix Pro's batch feature is superb: great results in a reasonably short time.

An alternative is Ulead's PhotoImpact. The HDR function is crude but effective in most lighting conditions and the alignment is better than PhotoMatix but the whole process is very much slower.

Hope this helps,
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Hi PleaseHelp!

1. I Photomatix the pics after stitching.

2. With my CP8400 I took one dark, middle and light pics. Sometimes I just add only 2 panos together and sometimes I put 3 pics together.

3. Here you can see a Hotelroom stitched with 2 overlayed pics. Done with a Coolpix 8400 and the FC E9 Fisheye and Manfrotto 303 Panohead. Hotel Castello ( Choose the "Hotel Castello - Ascona Turmzimmer VR Tour"


Markus Canon 20D / Sigma 8mm / Roundshot VR-Drive