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Happy with Agnos service

Hi guys,

I#ve had my Canon 20D and Sig 8mm for a Month 2-3 Months now but have been undecided on a panohead as I was interested in the precision360. Instead I've opted for the Agnos MrotatorTCP. The problem being that I've got to fly to London and have a photoshoot on Saturday. So I called Agnos, asked their advice, sent an email stating that I need the panohead to be delivered to London by Friday, paid by paypal (which is just one of the many options they now offer) and they just sent me a UPS confermation that the panohead will be in London by Friday 12noon.

Absolutly brilliant!!

Many thanks to Agnos for a quick and easy service.

(Lets hope that UPS keep their end of the bargain)

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Just to chip in with this thread.

Agno's Help & Support:

I initially sent an email to Agno's at 20:00 hrs on a Thursday evening for help and advice for odering, expecting a reply maybe the following day. I was amazed that within 15 mins I recieved an email with all the answers.

Agno's Product & Delivery

I placed my order with Agno's on Friday 29th July, delivery via postal service. Expecting delivery maybe 1-2 weeks.

07-30 Wednesday 3rd Aug, Postman knocking at my door with a parcel packaged as if it was ment for the Queen.

So to anyone looking for a Quality Product with Helpful Service & Advice. need we say more.

 Grazie Agno's dell'aiuto e eccellente serviz professional!!

Regards: mediaPix  

Nikon D70s, Sigma 8mm, Agnos MrotatorTShort, Photoshop CS, Panoweaver 3 & 4
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Been telling you all for a long time now.

Great work Agnos!

We are a happy bunch of Agnos Mrotator users.

Regards, Smooth

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For what it's worth - Agnos has been brilliant for me as well - even when my Italian wife wasn't around.  ;)
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Same here

Had a problem with a screw and got a new one by mail imediately.

Can recomend Agnos as well.

Regards Markus

Nikon D70s, Sigma 8 mm, 4 to 12 shots, Agnos MrotatorTShort, PTGui, PS CS3, and lots of other software :-)
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sent agnos an email explaining i would like to have head before leaving on vacation.  email response was almost immediate and said it would be no problem (just extra $ for shipping) received quality tcps head 3 days later.

glad i took smooths advice