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Nice job Matthias!
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I try it new panorama and remove my shadow here

New will come but I must learn more before!!!!! ;O)

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Hi matthias,

Just checked out your lasted offering! :)

Nice work, your template looks great. Your clone work still needs some improving in your panorama where you cloned out your shadow. The latest version of Photoshop V7.0 has a "Healing" tool option I have found useful.

Still, your cloning marks are better than the shadow!

All in all great work

Regards, Smooth

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The Image offset is common with the Nikon lens and camera bodies.
When I started out with fisheyes this really botherd me so I removed the coolpix 800 front case and drilled and threaded three small set screw holes to center the image.
I recently bought a 995 and the image is less offset without any cropping. After measuring the lens with laser light I determined that the fov is close to 183 degrees and I could safely lose the cropped area with only two images.
The use of a good indexing pawl is a must as your error becomes more critical.
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