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The Nikon Firmware comes with a Readme.txt file as I remember that explains how to perform the update to the camera.  Besure to read it... before you perform the update to the camera.  Put the update file in a separate folder.  I think its a zip or exe.  Anyway unzip or run the exe and it will unpack the contents.  There you will find the Readme instructions.

I think you have to hook up your USB cable. But follow the instructions.


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My Nikon 995 actually has Nikon E995 written on its specifications (on the panel  that you have to flick up to insert the flashcard.) I guess that I am correct in assuming that this a European model, do you guys over the water have different markings then


Anyway, for just about everything you could ever want to know about installing check this...........

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My CoolPix 990 is also labeled "E990" and it is the U.S. version (identifiable with the purple fingerpad on the grip).  As I recall, the European version has a different colored fingerpad - red?
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