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Photoshop output (.psd) looks inferior

I have picked up on some real problems with panoramas saved in photoshop (.psd) format. The resolution of the images is noticibly worse than that of other formats. This is true of uncompressed formats (.bmp) as well as even a significantly compressed .jpg pano! I really would have thought the psd format would be the best quality of all, plus being able to fine tune the layers brightness and the masks would be useful.

This brings me to another serious problem I am seeing with the psd output. When I open it up in photoshop, the seam edges are very hard, no smooth blending. Nothing I can find makes them blend easily short of complete manual adjustment of the edges of the masks using a blurry paintbrush. What is really odd, though, is that, when I open these same psd files in other image editors that do NOT support layers and just display them as a flattened image, I see nice blending at the seams! HUNH?? What gives? Am I just missing something that should be obvious in photoshop? As long as the psd format is blurry looking (as described in the previous paragraph), I guess this is a moot point, though it would be nice to have the layers to play with. I am using Photoshop 6 under classic in OS X 10.2.2.

I noticed that official notice of the 3.01 update was posted yesterday. I think it is actually an updated version of 3.01 compared to the one I downloaded earlier this month, because the file size is different. The press release indicates that several of the problems noted in the forum by me and others have been (hopefully!) fixed, as quoted below:

Easypano Panoweaver Version 3.01 (Jan-15-2003)
               Copyright (C) 2002-2003 Panorama Technologies Corporation Ltd.


What's New in Panoweaver 3.01 compared with Panoweaver 3.0
               [ Legend: ]
               [ + Added feature ]
               [ - Bug fixed (we hope) ]


[+]Enable to choose the desktop as destination in file dialog
               [+]An international version with English, Dutch, French, German,               Italian, Spanish available.
               [-]Failing in viewing the published Html page and help file in Mac               OSX 10.2.2
               [-]Incapable of releasing memory automatically
               [-]No mismatch estimation in manual stitching
               [-]Malfunction in adjusting JPEG quality when output panorama as               QTVR


Thanks for being responsive to our concerns seaman!

BTW - does anyone have any idea why the Windows download is more than twice as big as the Mac version (19MB vs. 9MB)? They appear to have feature parity. Is it including the entire java virtual machine or something??

John Riley
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Surely the quality of PSD will be better than BMP and JPG. Also layer is supported in PSD format.

JRE is included in the installation package in case many users does not know what is JRE, or what is JVM.

To see is to believe
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Hello John,

I too have noticed lower quality in PSD using Panoweaver 3.01 on a Windows 2000 platform with Photoshop 6.  The layers in the PSD do not blend properly as they do in any of the other formats (JPG, PNG, BMP, TGA all fine)... therefore it would seem to be a problem with the way the layers are rendered in the PSD format (no blending takes place first).  Since having the PSD format available is more crucial than having the individual layers to edit, it would seem like a good workaround would be to flatten the image and blend the layers prior to rendering in PSD.  In the meantime, I guess I'll be using BMP.