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Smooth, thanks. Feels good to be active on the forum again. Have just been so busy with my new day-job and other projects... I'm working for a company that does some really interesting architectural stuff. We did the 2002 Olympic Torch (before I was there) and I'm currently working on the exterior design for a college near Detroit. I put PanoWeaver to good use during a building survey there last week. It's a great tool to show other engineers spherical perspective views of areas being discussed and designed.
I was able to capture narrative video, spherical imaging and still shots in a single 90 minute pass of the entire project that included field measurements. Ya know... this should be another thread that shows a potential market with EasyPano products or something.

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Brian and I have decided to work on this low level aerial stuff as an open project. Any one  intersted is welcome to particapate. We will be putting together a tutorial page with updated notes, drawing, plans and progress reports. Some of it has been done before but it's not perfect and there are many customized rig out there.

We thought it might be a great thread to start here on the forum. Everything will be "open source".

We could make our own forum of course but I think all of you would be interested in this so we think it is best to keep our project here.

Smooth  - Dave .....what do you think.

General Lee






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Go for it!

Regards, Smooth

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Sure... I agree.  Will be interesting to see what develops


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