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P4 License transfer

Hi All,

Hope somebody can help out here or this maybe just a word of warning for others. I have P4 installed on my system but this weekend it went down and I lost the motherboard. I've now replaced the board but when loading P4 I get the activation screen again. The help & support tell me to use the license transfer on the P4 help menu but this is not possible as it is not highlighted and can not be selected.

I can understand all the reasons and issues for this type of activation but this has been a real pain in the a***. A license tranfer can be done before you swap your hardware. thats fine, but what about my scenario were the system dies on you and you are unable to re-activate or transfer license.  I've tried re-installing P4 but as expected no joy.

I know the issue will be sorted, I've e-mailed easypano support but still awaiting a reply. I've lost a full day waiting around for the answer and work has piled up.( I wish) 

Anyone from easypano reading this please check your inbox for my email. For all other users have a Plan B ready in case this happens to you.

Sorry for the rant just letting off steam.


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Yes, this happened to me a little while ago. Was a pain for sure! Easypano reset the my registration and I was back to business. It did take the best part of my working day though.

Regards, Smooth

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The folks at Easypano should be able to help you.  I would think you printed the activation number out on paper.. it should be a simple matter of verification.  I put mine on cd-r as a text file.


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