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Posting tours to

Hi Friends,

I am not using Tourweaver. I construct all my tours with strait html. I only use panoweaver 4.0

I have read the info on the easypano site about the tourweaver upload program.

What is the deal? Can anyone advise on this.

I have the info for joining the picture path program. And that is an option. But I am a little confused about easypano's situation with Homestore.

I looked at the rates and there is a big difference between being a picture path partner and using the tourweaver program. I can't post any rates I was givin by Homestore for being a picture path partner because they are confidential. But I can say that there is a difference between the tourweaver program and joining up directly. Mainly on the "per submission" price.

This topic may not be appropiate for this forum. Not sure.

I am just looking to get the low down on the whole deal. I  am sure some of you are involved with this.

Can any one clarify what is going on.


General Lee

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gen lee, did you apply already to become a provider?

guide us to the process mate since your living it.

how they treat you, how long does it take, etc.


p.s. i heard dave became a doc!

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I would also like to know more about this. There isn't much information on the website except for the pricing information.

What are the constraints for a tour with this option. If they are putting this into there network, there must be some tour window size, file size and content constraints involved, but I couldn't find anything on there website about this.


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Thanks for the info.

I have decided to become a picture path partner.

Upfornt cost of 500 bucks plus $20 per link.....ouch!!

 I don't have to upload anything. Just provide a link to my tours. This works out better becuase everyting I do is custom.

I intend on charging the realtors $40 for a submission/link plus a "set up" fee for first time customers. This way I get back my investment plus a little extra. That probably sounds steep to some of you but I don't care. If they want it on then they have to pay. period. Besides they arent't calling me becasue of my price anyway. There are plenty of low end providers around my area. I have managed over time to get a reputation in my market for quality vs price. This was hard to do and took many starving years but I have finally succeded. I suppose success can be achieved if you try hard enough and more importantly starve long enough LOL.

I wouldn't recommend starving so get what you can. But by damn I am NOT going to give my talent away for peanuts.

General Lee

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Way to go, Gen. Lee! Lead the charge and I will follow!

Let us know how it goes.

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There are three ways to access, being part of Tourweaver Upload Programme or through VRGuild Platform or apply to be a PicturePath Partner.

1. Easypano partnered with and enable our customers to access easily., a Homestore / PicturePath Partner & Direct Provider for, is a virtual tour company providing a gateway to real estate virtual tour networks.

2. Through the VRGuild system, people have access for posting tours to By becoming a VRGuild member, you can utilize the VRGuild system to push tours to, Additional Tour Distribution Options are also available. Besides this, VRGuild also enables a full control of branding and access to traffic information for tours sent to

3. For big real estate companies, applying to be a picture path partner will be the choice. Picture path partner can simply provide the tour link created with Easypano products to

For more detailed information about how to put your tours into, please visit the following webpage:

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Gen Lee,

Depending on how much you post, is the path you should take. Hometour360network is great! When ever I have a problem I call and they pick up. They are quick at uploading virtual tour to With hometour360network there is a small start of cost, a fraction of the picture path route, and only 25 dollars an upload and you don't have to worry about how long your listing is on their site. Compared to vrguild, it's 30 dollars an upload, and a time limit on how long you listing will be hosted. I would rather pay 25 dollars and not have to worry about how long the listing is active. If you have any other question email me at 

Miguel Martinez
Virtual Tour Designer
360 Design Studio (Formally known as VirtualSV)