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Hi Guys

Ok This have been a very informative thread. I have really learned a lot. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

I now know that Gen lee have a large one........ and that smooth is good at using his. *lool* Both of them obviosly think that they have what women want. But guys women don't want to choose, they want those of us how can give them both *looooolll*

@ smooth since you have read this far, would you mind helping me with a couple of new questions??

You got my attention with your last remark. That if I buy a canon 5d I am able to shoot a scene with just 3 shoots. How can that be?? Would I have to use the sigma 8mm lense or can I do a 3 shoot panorama with the nikkor 10,5mm and the adapter you mention??

If you are able to use the nikkor 10,5mm with an adaptor why don't you?? Does the images loose quality because of the adapter or???

Hope you will sort out my questions.

Best regards

Morten Andersen

- a newbie trying to improve  

Best regards

Morten Andersen
- a newbie trying to improve
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hi morten,

I don't know about the adaptor or about the Nikkor 10.5 lens which is deff the better lens... however i can say that the reason u can do 3 shots with the 5D is the fact that it has a full sized sensor. this allows the sig 8mm to display a full circular image. You should probably even be able to do a 2 shot, however the middle 120 degrees are the sweetspot of this lens and 3 shots will give u a quality image.


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Yes, the newly released Canon 5D is a full frame sensor and thus does not crop the Sigma 8mm circle as it does on say a 300D, 350D, 10D, 20D. Being full frame all the EOS lenses that where/are designed for a analogue SLR film camera perform the way they are meant too.

Because the 5D and Sigma 8mm will produce a full circular image of 180 degrees just like a Coolpix you can stitch them in much the same fashion I.E: 3 shot circular or you could even stitch them using the 4 shot drum method. Until the release of the Canon 5D the only other options were Canon's top of the range pro series 1Ds and 1Ds MKII and the price was and still is quite high. The release of the 5D has made the fullframe sensor a little easier to get in a more realistic price range.

On the subject of the Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye adapted to the Canon DSLR it is possible BUT! You lose all automatic focus and it doesn't even have a manual focus ring, so you need to set the aperture manually (lens off) and adjusting with a Ice Cream/Ice Block stick or plastic equivalent. (A lot of mucking around and you will still need to take 6+1 to do a panorama. (Just not a good thing really!)

If you really want to use a Nikkor then the Fuji S3 Pro DSLR is the way to go for panorama work. Or else just buy the D70s (they are cheap enough).

Like everything, these are opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt. It's for the end buyer to make up their own mind and make the decision that suits their needs.

All combinations we have discussed take wonderful panoramas and boils down to personal preference.

Regards, Smooth


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You really need 3 images with the 5d + sigma as the lens doesn't give 183 degs fov like the FCE8 so virtually no overlap. I've had focussing problems using an adaptor with Nikon mount fisheyes and Canon bodies but they work well with less wide lenses. A 3 hemi shot with the 5d is in theory not as good as a 4 hemi shot with a 20D, less pixels


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You guys are great. LOL.

I enjoy this forum so much.

General Lee

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Hi Morten,

I agree with the opinions expressed here. I too was thinking about changing my gear from nikon 4300 to 5700.

But some of the experts here have demoed that you can actually get almost as good pictures as the dslr if the techniques and workflow are good.

Going to dslr of course would ensure that you get better pix than the consumer coolpix cameras.

I actually have a d70 but i only use it exclusively for stills. I use the coolpix for panos. Why? I don't want to have to install/reinstall the camera on the pano head. I just can't justify getting another d70 right now just for panos.

I think I'll try the d70 on my old jasper panohead. Take a few shots. If the shots are so much better than what I get now, I just may get another d70.