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Is a D50 a good alternative to the D70?

Just wondering if one can use the D50 as a lesser cost alternative. Will it take the Sigma 8mm and work with the AGnos TCPmrotator?

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Hmm not sure.  What do you think?  Any ideas?  Did you talk with your camera shop rep about Sigma 8mm compatiblity ?


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You can find here a comparision chart

D50 uses SD Cards. So if you have old CF Cards from previous cameras you could not use them.

D70 has 10005 pixel RGB sensor for white balance compared to 420 pixels in the D50. Dont know if this is of any difference.

D50 has bigger Monitor 2" compred to 1.8" on the D70. D70s also has bigger monitor. (D70s has cable shutter release option)

Shutter in D70s up or down to 1/8000 vs. 1/4000 in D50. I guess you wont need this for panoramas unless you want to get creative.

D50 has no build in SB Commander Mode (maybe someone can comment on what that is)


This chart includes the EOS 350D as well

The D50 improves on the D70 and D70s by:

1.) Adjusting ISO directly in full stops, not cumbersome thirds.

2.) Self timer and remote control options are now set with their own button instead of through the drive mode control. (You lose the meter mode button to get this.) This is the washed-out button in my photo of the top of the D50.

3.) New AF-A mode automatically selects AF-S or AF-C modes for you. You may still select the AF-S and AF-C modes just like the D70 and D70s. There's no icon displayed for this mode since the LCD which would display this new mode is simply the LCD from the D70 and D70s which has no such icon. This is an advantage for tyros for whom the D50 is designed and transparent to serious photographers.

4.) A new default ISO control mode has the camera choose the ISO in the scene modes. You can turn this off to set your own ISO in the scene modes which is how previous cameras worked. The Auto ISO function is also available as with the D70 and D70s. See pages 91 - 92 of the manual for more. This is an advantage for my mom for whom the D50 is designed and transparent to photographers.

5.) Cutesy in-camera ability to copy and resize photos for email to 640 x 480, 240 x 320 and 160 x 120 pixels.

6.) Lower Price.

7.) Less Weight.

8.) Smaller size.

What's missing compared to the D70 and D70s that I'd miss a little:

1.) No White Balance fine-tuning. You can do this through bracketing, but that's cumbersome. If you care about this as I do get the D70s; 99% of people will never miss this.

2.) No front (secondary) command dial. That's OK, the D50 also lacks the WB fine tuning you adjusted with this dial. To adjust the aperture in manual exposure you hold the aperture button (same as the exposure compensation button) while turning the command dial. I prefer this in A and S modes since I never can remember which knob to turn on my D70; on the D50 it's always the one command dial that does it.

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