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Google Map & Virtual Tours


Iam started playing with Google Map om my new website.

It seems that Googlemap is strong tool to present Virtual Tours.

My webdesigner implemented the Googlemap Component in the website.

I have a Joomla Content Management System, so we could use the GoogleMap Component. But iam shure, you can do it in HTML pages as well.

So please have a look at it and if you discover any failures, please notify me.

Thanks Markus Googlemap Canon 20D / Sigma 8mm / Roundshot VR-Drive
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Nice job Markus.

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Hmm here is a thought.

I just learned about Google Earth last week. (yes some folks are just slower than others).  After downloading Google Earth, I learned that you can turn on the World Wide Panorama layer (WWP) in the Google Earth Community.  When you turn on the WWP layer you can see hotspots for at least 536 VR photographers world wide - last count that represents 1,434 panoramas.  All the hotspots trace back to the University of California at Berkeley's host server.

You can even add your own location and make it available to the google community.

There is a Google Earth PRO, but I am not sure what it does yet.


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I just opened google earth, it ran auto update... I still don't see the WWP layer...

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Google Earth Pro gives you things like higher resolution in printed images, drawing tools, GPS and spreadsheet data import cababilities, movie makeing modules, etc.

Product Comparison:

Back when we started invading Iraq years ago, CNN was using the Pro version, (then owned by Keyhole Software, in which Google bought) to do the fly over videos that they showed into areas that were being discused.

Basically, if you want to put Google Earth images and movies onto your website, or for you business (with the exception of the Google Map component) you are to pay for the commercial use version, Google Earth Pro.

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You can use Google Earth to set your points for Lat/Lon. Exporting these points as a kml file or a kmz (zipped kml) you can share these points on maps.

Links to Panorama & Maps communities, all websites are under development. Communitywalk is straightforward, Open Atlas has a feature to import kml-files and to export the map for a use on your own website (php required).

Tutorial on
Geo-referncing with Google Maps