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Fisheye Image Enclosing Slide Bar

What does the Fisheye Image Enclosing slide bar do (In PW4)?  It's not mentioned in the documentation. I understand the concept of enclosing the image inside the yellow circle, and using the Center X, Y and Radius to adjust the circle, but I've not figured out what the slide bar is for.  It seems to auto-fit the circle, but the number that it's on doesnt make any sense. 

Is that like 100 presets and you can use the bar to select from any of them? 



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In the help file - under index, on the column on the left look for "Adjust Image Enclosing", it should be the 3rd item in the list.

Doesnt tell you much more than you already know. As for the relationship of the slider, your guess is as good as mine, towards the 0 side makes it bigger, and towards 100 makes it smaller. But it seems to try and detect the edge based on the image at the same time, so I think that it is relative to the image, not any set value.