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Happy New Year from Easypano

Dear all,
How time flies. Another new year is comming. Just want to say thanks to all of you on behalf of the whole Easypano team, either our old friends or new friends. As always, you gave us much help and encouragement. Thanks a million. We will keep going and doing better.
Wish you a new start, happy and successfull in 2006!!^-^


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Happy New Year

Rosalba and all the team at Easypano. 9.30 pm here on the 31st December 2005 ATM only hours to go and it's 2006!

All the best, Smooth

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Its only 9am 31Dec05 here in Texas.  As customarily done each year we will watch the New Year transition on Television.

Happy New Year folks

Dave and Pat here at

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