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Mexico Photo Shoot 27 -28 Feb

You might consider bookmarking our Demo test page. The next photoshoot we will be on Location - Cancun Mexico 27-28 February.

When we return in March we will be pluging in the real pano's. As we complete 1 by 1.. we will post it to this page for the clients review and approval. The ones that he likes we will burn to a cd-r and Fedex it to them.

Our client is building their own company Playa Maroma web page. They will incorporate our pano photographs into their site.

Beginning Mid March... you will start to see them as they are completed and uploaded to the server.

Yes, the page is abit tacky... but then its only a demo page. But then our whole site is tacky.. [Cool]

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asta la vista baby...

u lucky buggers going off to nice beaches... oh the life of a pano-photographer... thats the life for me...

looking forward to ur pics
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