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I'm still having some trouble finding the Nodalpoint, I'm damn close for sure, but still some ghosting at bottom and top. And standing on the bottom of an appartmentbuilding it gave trouble stitching the top of the building... Maybe better to avoid these views for now. Gonna try to get it perfect tommorow.

For now here's a panorama I did today, unfortunately it ain't to sharp in the distance. No retouche except for removing the tripod and the top pinhole.

Lemme know what you think. Test QTVR
(a bit large, didn't downscale yet)
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Looks good to me.
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Hi Smooth,

I guess I mis understood the problem. I thought he was only shooting 4 and asking about the pinhole at the top.

I know the top cap is not liked. I would love to have a top in my panos to. It is simply a matter of economics. I don't think a cap at the top makes any difference anyway. My clients and the general public rarely look strait up or down. They just let the image auto rotate and then go to the next image.

I guess this comes down to what market you will be competing in and what equipment you will use. In my case I chose the nikkor 10.5 so I use it for everything. One lens does it all.

Mid range real estate work does not get a top. Higher priced work does.

I know some of you guys probably think I am crazy for using a Nikkor 10.5 in real estate tours. Mabey I am. But one thing is for sure whether I shoot the top or not....and that is I have the nikkor 10.5 and that speaks for itself. Therefor I can make whatever level of quality is required.

The Sigman 8mm shooting 4 and making a full image with no cap at the top is the way to go for sure. I just don't have one. LOL....but at the rate I am getting orders I am thinking of getting one. I have had to drop the top and bottom stitching to save time. I could be wrong about having the cap  at the top but so far I haven't had any complaints. My clients are simply amazed at the quality of the image in general. They just don't care about the top.

General Lee