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image alignment

I am not sure if the subject describes my questions properly or not so I'll try to explain it. When i stitch a pano from two images i get very good results except for the center parts of top and bottom images. For example, my tripod that shows up in the bottom part of the pano is not circular and the same is true for the light on the ceiling. It doesn't line up properly. I now i could use a tripod cap and a ceiling cap and be done with it all but ........ I am not sure if it has to do with the Yaw, Pitch or Roll. These are not handheld shots so we can rule that out but could it possibly be that CCD is not centered in the camera (CoolPix 950) and that I would have to make some kind of adjust ments with the Yaw, Pitch and /or Roll settings? What I need to do is be able to line up the center parts at the top and bottom of the pano.


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Do u have the correct noddal point?
What kinda pano head are u using?
Is the tripod level?
Otherwise jiggel with ur fov yaw pitch roll. they enable u to micro move the hemis so as u get alignment.
What kinda mismatch factors are u getting?
Have u got a sample for us to c??
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Yes, if you post some images on the forum we will be better abled to assist with your problem.

Need to see an image before stitching and an image/pano once done.

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