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Hi Jack,

Yes, I must have put in at least a good 7 days of solid PW this past week.  So I was trying every feature... and getting some reasonable results.  Sometime you just had to work with PW.

Regarding fish.  Yes there were "Walls" of fish along the reef.  And they would just swim right passed you.. as if you were not even there.  Although... when matching and blending image edges ... there ARE a couple of photoshop fish (copy and paste from another image section) where there were original only 'noses' and 'tails'.   As you probably have figured... that one partial underwater pano.. was last years work effort.  I still have 100 u/w prints on the work table to be photographed from this trip.

The fish appreciated my photoshop effort.


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Hi Dave,

    Yeah I have been working with PW since version 2.0. I've
seen it definately grow and evolve for about 2yrs now. It has just been the publishing atmoshere here in the states has kept my work in the closet. You can see some of my stuff if when you get a chance read the thread I started while you were in Mexico getting the backs of your calves burnt to a crisp... titled " A little extra attention to detail" I think the link I posted now works. For now I'll live vicariously through your postings. Thanks!