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Nikon 5000 set up

I have been shooting with a parabolic mirror for the last few years due to the IP*X issues.  I also have a fisheye for my Nikon 5000, what else do I need to take the 3 shots, I know a rotator, what kind and what else.

Thank you

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Hi yvt360'

     Check out page two of the " Portrait or landscape it is the question" thread. There you will see an in-expensive home designed bracket submitted by Phoenixrising. But to answer your question you need four elements a good sturdy pair of sticks or a tripod. Bogen by Monfronto an Italian company. A leveling device either thumb screw/plate or ball leveleler. The rotation disk with a three detent disk to set up for the 120 degree 3 Fe photo process. And finally the bracket like Phoenix designed. This helps you place the lens at the nodal point of your tripod. If you want to spend the big bucks visit and I'm sure they'll be happy to hook you up and take your money. Hope this helps! Good luck!