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Nikon 5000 set up

I have a Nikon 5000 and fisheye, I have the IP*X 2 shot rotator, I need to know what I need to take 3 shots, rotator etc.

Thank you

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Hi yvt360,

Mate, I would suggest you buy Easypano 3 software form this site and a Kaidan Quickpan III CS rotator from along with a Tilt Leveler and 2 & 3 position detent rings and also the cradle adaptor for you Cool Pix 5000 if you have a FC-E8 lens your in business!

Hope this helps, Smooth

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Failing that and u wanna go the cheap route to at least experiment with... have a look at my diy kit in the thread "Landscape or Portrait..."
It's an easy alternative for u to mess around with. if u find that u really like this software (I do) then u can always go with smoths choise wjich is deff the pro way to go... just cost ya a few bob.
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