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Subjects in your tours poll?

Hi forum once again!

    Just another little something to mulch over.
Scenario: Your shooting a commercial shoot for lets say an RV resort which is private property your not out in the public entity do you:
     a) Shoot all your tours void of guests making the resort
          look like a veritable desert waste land that no body
          wants to visit complete with tumble weeds?

     b) Hire extras to appear to be enjoying the resort and   
          also making it appear that once again there is no     
          body other than these 3-5 couples at the resort?

      c) Hold a pool party bash with free beer and shrimp on       
           the barby for about 50 extras? Of course getting
           all to sign appearance releases to boot with an
           abligitory $1.00 compensation to seal the contract.
   The one condition is that as usual you have a zero buget!
    Good Luck!   
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The only problem with subjects in a pic is that they tend to move around and can at times cause hair problems... ie me tearing my hair out whilst they move around and I have to wait around until they get out of the way... Have also had a few amusing results whilst experimenting with shots in town... ie half a leg appears out of nowhere...
Otherwise I like the idea of loads of people in scenes... adds interest for sure.
If I only had an hour to chop down a tree... I'd spend 45 mins sharpening the axe.
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d) Tell 'em all to sit down and look happy or you'll punch their lights out!! LOL

What do you reckon?

Regards, Smooth

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       ......thats an option I had not yet considered!