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Any experience with canon/ sigma 8mm

Hello everyone, I am using Canon 350D *Rebel XT) and Sigma 8mm f4EX. I use  Manfrotto 303 Pano Head,

Panoweaver seems to be doing a good job with four drumshots, but I have not been able to successfully have the software stitch the four shots + Top

Any one in the forum has any experience with Canon and is there any special tehcnique for sticthing the top shot (specially for cloudy Sky , Ceiling) to the picture.

Final question , is that my Panohead does not allow me take down shots, is there a way to incoroporate/stitch my own logo and/or shot?

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We use a Canon 350d and a Sigma 8mm

Just have to test for the proper lens entrance pupil or nodal point location.  Yes, 4 drum images should work if you pan head, nodal point is setup properly.

Post a sample pan you have made on your website.. lets take a look at it.. then we might be able to make recommendations.

Down shots ?  thats ok.  That is usually taken care of by covering it up with your own tripod cap image. Panoweaver call's them FLOOR images.   Its usually a 200 x 200 pixels square image.  Its placed into your image in Panoweaver.

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Your upshot should be taken in the last position of a shooting sequence I.E: Position 4 (Sigma 8mm Drum shooting) turn up 90 degrees bring your shutter speed down (2) two stops (to compensate for light drop off "vignetting") and shoot. To shoot the down shot you must "mimic" the camera position "handheld" matching that of the upshot only pointing down. Look at the position in height and rotation remove from tripod/panohead. Move you tripod/panohead out of the way, position the camera and shoot.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Smooth