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Real estate portals

We're starting work with a local estate agent and will be producing quite a few tours per month to start off with.

If you're already working with an Estate Agent, what do you find the best way to deliver the photos (QTVR or Java).

1. Host pics on your own site
2. Give estate agent all pics and code and let them host
3. use some kind of property virtual tour portal management thingy?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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This really depends on the comfort level of the Realtor and you.  Typically I find that most (not all) Realtors can barly check their email, so giving them code is out of the question.  I created a database application that i put all my tours into, and have it generate the code based on the available features, and i just give the client a url to link to, or to post in their MLS application.  I do a combination of 1 and 3.
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Our property site is all java based and we offer the complete service to the agent, they just book us to come and take the pics and we send them a ref number once the tour is on the page for clients etc. Each agent has there own section page of listings.