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Got dreamweaver... am working at it... In the beginning is the beginning.

If I only had an hour to chop down a tree... I'd spend 45 mins sharpening the axe.
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good luck with the web design ................. many forums to help you, the best advice i can give you is try and write compliant code, as this will be the biggest issue over years to come.(check out, in particular check out css, accessibility and html validator) You may as well start off with good habits!

As for the tour, great work, great look for site map and navigation, no compalints there.

However I must raise one point and I bellieve you will agree.
Your domain name is www.seeitin360, (nice idea), so is your email, so is your loading screen, however underneath the initial home page static image you have the text 'see in 360'

I would definately continue with your theme here and change the text to 'see it in 360'. Another opportunity for branding, and if done successfully this will be your slogan, and people will recognise you for it.

Sorry, I work in marketing, we have to think about this type of bullsh*t!!!

Let me know if you think my comments are relevant!!

Welcome to my world
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Thanks for pointing that out!  I never even thought about that.  
It always amazes me how I miss something that seems so simple.
I did make that change and will look for other changes along the
same line elsewhere.

Thanks again,