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Blending pano layers in photoshop

Hi forum, FYI

   Picked up this months Photoshop user off the news stand and it never fails but just about every turn of each page there is a subject or tutorial pertainent to a current project I'm working on... and this months was no exception! I never knew why Panoweaver imported the panos into photo shop in two seperate layers but now I do. I always just flattened the layers and used the clone tool to blend the seem. In this months issue pg.40 "Photoshop Without Limits" " Panorama Matchup" there is a two page tutorial on how to get your FE's which make up the panos matched up or blended together after opening in photoshop. I also found out in this issue that if you join the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) you get a subscription to the magazine included. Thats a $80.00 US value $10.00 U.S. an issue for eight issues. The memership to NAPP is $100.00 U.S. Included are other discounts on classes, seminars and so forth. Any way check it out if you get a chance. By the way the editor of the magazine produces the Down & Dirty Tricks series.