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Just curious, does Australia have a Real Estate (MLS) Multiple Listing Service Provider ?  Is there a dominate Australian Realtor that works  with MLS?

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No thank god! but they don't control the market solely. There is also among others.

Australia has laws about monopolising and there must be free trade and competition. Otherwise you end up with rip offs.

You also can use whatever brand of viewer you like for virtual tours. I must say I'm amazed at the situation in America.

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The "link" to the tours is posted to the the "web directories" like any other except that the real estate portals have a special submission just for real estate vs treating it like any other web site. Hometours360virtualtours just submits the link and propety info to the portals.

I am pretty sure Yahoo is not pulling listing directly from MLS systems as this has a special API and there are so many. I believe you have to submit your "listing" to the portal. Thats why Hometours360virtualtours is great because they to all the submissions for you.

General Lee