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That site is similar to Looks like they are either a rep for them or doing there own thing.

I have ordered my mast directly from Clark who is the company that makes these masts. They have a US rep I am working through. Saved about 4 thousand dollars this way.

Dave, the 15 m mast weighs about 30 pounds and can be easily ported to any location and erected using the portable tripod.. And it can be erected in winds up to 135 k/m. Not that I would shoot in a hurricane....LOL but wind is no problem as the mast is very stable. These masts are actually built for the military for use as antenna masts on the battlefield. It pneumatically operated by a hand pump so no messy fluids or cables to deal with.

Now I just need to put together a camera cradle for remote operation and figure out a rotator for panos. There are a lot of resources for this in KAP as it is bacically the same cradel but used on a mast instead of  kite.

I looked at the Agnos rotator for their pole. This looks promising. I am contacting them about this.

Remote rotator operations is simple. Its the remote camera operation that is tricky. I have learned that Nikon capture can control nikon cameras through a laptop so I am hoping I can hack together something using this. Canon makes the same thing but I don't own any cannon cameras. However I am considering buying a 5D with the savings from the cost of the mast so I can make really hi rez images for printing.

Any help you guys have on remote operation of the camera or rotator would be great.

General Lee

General Lee