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Hi Mark

I am about to do something similar for a Danish Limousine Company and I have a few questions I hope you can help me with:

1) What did you do to control the light?? I see almost no shadows in "your" car, but when I photographed a HUMMER - see it at in the right side of the screen.

2) Your images are very sharp. What is your set up?

3) do you mind me asking what you charge for this kind pf panos? I am considering charging more then usual for the panoramas of cars as it takes longer in post production.

Best regards

Morten Andersen
- a newbie trying to improve
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If Mark is me than here are the answers:

1) Bracketing
2) Nikon D70, Sigma 8mm
3) The usual fee - Its only about 30 min to mask the windows, and feels good to deliver a good job.

Regards Markus

Nikon D70s, Sigma 8 mm, 4 to 12 shots, Agnos MrotatorTShort, PTGui, PS CS3, and lots of other software :-)
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Thanks for all the info guys - I will let you know how it goes.
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I did a yellow HUMMER H2 a while ago (se it at my web page and is about to do a couple of limos during the next couple of months.

I made a test shot of a dark limo standing in a garage. I used a coolpix 8700 and the fc-e9. I turned the ISO up to 100 and F2.8 BE AWARE. This did NOT give a good result. The shoots was very unsharp and filled with noise. No matter how much photoshop I used the result never got acceptable.

I used different exposure times but even with 8sec it was underexposed. Next time I will shoot in RAW to have more to work with. But the suggestion about doing the shot in daylight and then manipulate the windows sounds like a really good idea. You should also consider getting a small tripod.  

A note to the wise: I also tried experimenting with different locations for the camera. I tried both in the middle of the limo and at both ends. The shot at the end facing the driver worked best. In the middle the limo looks to small I think.


Also you should not make the limo to bright. It is rather dark in a Limo. If you make the limo too bright it will not be a realistic picture.


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I did not read all of the above replies. but anyway, i'll give my advice as a photographer in first place then panoramarer (?! heh) in second place.

so, what you really want to do when shooting at night is this. Shoot at ISO 100 and f 13 or higher if possible. don't be afraid to use longer exposure.
of course you'll need a tripod. you might want to take the shoot twice or three time just in case the camera was shaken by the wind. be sure to either use a remote switch or timer to avoid camera shake.

when shooting at dark you want to use lowest iso possible to avoid grainy noisy pictures. ALSO when shooting higher iso for mapnorama there will be some weird noise when spinng the panorama in QTVR.

also, using the settings I mentioned you'll be able to get rich colors in your panoramas. if you happen to be on a street that have been just washed or after it rained. thats even a bonus cuz you'll get some amazing reflections surrounding your subject.

regarding the post by the dude above me, he said the pictures were really noisy at iso 100. umm... if that is a true case, then he should never shoot again when its dark, because in anyways the higher in iso he goes, the noiser its gonna get.

good luck.

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Here is one from last NYE in country Australia around midnight.

Regards, Smooth

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Sweet shot Smooth!
Thanks for posting it - true pro as ever (I'd have ducked out of one on the paving stones due to the stitching issues).

Weathers not been right or I've been ill but I'll be out there when both combine and I'll post results to let you know how its gone.

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ok - thought I'd replied to this about 5 mins ago but it didn't seem to appear...

Am going to have a pop at trying a series of night time panos at around midnight to 3am around Edinburgh over the summer holidays and did a search on the forum but since this hasn't seemed to crop up for years none of the links now work. Has anyone got any images of panos taken about this time at night outside? The advice obviously wont have changed I dont think so I dont think anyone needs to repost althought obviously any advice, esp if anyone has any extra with a Nikon D300 and Sigma 8mm, would be much appreciated.

PS If I don't post my results its either because they were rubbish or because I was mugged!