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Any suggestions on User Interface?

Few customers wrote to say that User Interface of our software is not so convenient for westerners but seldom gave details. I wrote back but got no response.

So friends, please tell me your experience. Which part of the interface is not so good and why? Which software do you think has best User Interface and why?

We want to improve the user interface to make it more standard and convenient for you to us!

Come on! We would like to hear your voice!

Easypano, Inc.
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Hi there

What a great idea.  To be honest the one thing that I think needs improving/changing would have to be the movie aspect.  I still don't really understand it and it causes all sorts of problems with still images appearing to be the wrong size etc.  Even calling it a different name might help as it isnt what most people would think of as a movie.

Hope that helps!
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You are talking Tourweaver not Panoweaver

Perhaps renaming it to "Tour Path/s" instead of "Movie" might help?

To be honest I don't think the GUI is all that bad or hard to understand. (I have seen much worse) it could look a little more modern.

I think there are way more important things to worry about other than the GUI.

Regards, Smooth

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this might be off topic, but the panoweaver i downloaded long time ago did not have color 'equalizer' feature. i want to see that feature come true :)