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Removing tripod

I'm sure this has been discussed already, but I can't find enough information on the subject to help me...

I wish to do a 360x360 quicktime, which means shooting top and bottom stills.  When shooting the bottom/ground, it is recommended to hand-hold the camera in the same position that it was on the tripod and move the tripod out of the way.  Ok, this makes sense, however, panoweaver requires a fisheye lens, which means now my feet are in the shot.  I can't arch myself enough to be out of the shot. 

What do I do to get a suitable ground/bottom shot to bring into panoweaver?

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I think you should export to cubes, and then in photoshop clone the tripod.
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Don't worry about your feet.  I think Panoweaver should remove them during stitching.   Go ahead try it.. you might consider posting the result on your website so we too may see.
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