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Nikon D70s Default

Hi again,

Sorry about this being off-topic but can anyone tell me how I can reset my newly repaired D70s back to default settings? I can't find the menu for it and haven't found it in the manual yet (although I know it must be there).

It seems to be struggling for focus since it came back from the factory and I'm sure its the settings (I'm still not au fait with it).

Many thanks again.

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You can do a "menu reset". All this does is set all the menu options back to default settings.

Its the first option under the CSM menu (the pencil icon).

This is in the 136

What do you mean "struggling for focus". Are you getting out of focus images or is the auto foucus not working. If you are using a sigman 8mm or nikor 10.5 or any other very wide angle lens you should keep focus at infinity unless you are focusing on a subject closer than 2 feet to the lens. This is related to the "hyperfocal distance" of the lens. Wide angle lenses have a huge depth of field.

Dont use auto focus when doing a pano  because if you get close to something like a lamp shade or corner the camera will focus at that distance and cause the rest of the image to be out of focus.

General Lee

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Hi there

Yup - there it was - clear as day! Reset Menu -darn, sorry about that.  This now lets me autofocus using the basic default lens.

Many thanks General Lee!