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      The idea sounds very intiguing. I would love to
break into that monopoly. Three years ago they said it was a quality control issue and you would have to submit some work examples and be approved as an indipendent producer. They said that they were incharge of quality control and they wanted to know that the tours would work. And at the time supposedly all they felt confident in wereiP*x produced tours. One idea I would like to add is if you made the resources(wait screen, tripod cap, and interface buttons) avalible to all your members and all the members were using the same tour creating software then you wouldn't have to do all the publishing work. They could just FTP their finished tours with the networks resources supplied by the network branding the tours.
    Consider this alternative. I kind of gave up on the local
real-estate market. How about this... develope your own web presence/ identity buy giving away some services and info in your area. For me in my area it is travel and tourisim tours. This will help in your market create a presense/ awarness of your company. It also gets the attention of the local area business association and drives traffic to your site because you have travel and tourisim info people want. Then contact any apartment rental management agency and sell
them on your services. All it takes is one. You see he already has a web site and all your doing is charging him for your VT sevices and a nominal yearly storage fee because the tours are on your server where you want to maintain control of them. You then just put a link from his web page to your tours. Unlike the real-estate business the apartments can always be shown for rent. Where as when the house is sold there goes your tour. Then when your so busy and finally a real-estate agency(that you've been begging to do slave labor to break into the market for) comes knocking you can now deal with them on your terms. Most agents within an agency have their own web pages anyway. Just work with them and put links to your tours on their web pages. Forget Home Store!!!! Just some thaughts.