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IPIX Rotator + Panoweaver Stitch Headache

Is anyone here using or has used the ipix rotator with panoweaver? I am having alignment problems and would like to know if anyone has experience in troubleshooting the combo...

Any knowledgeable feedback would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance :)
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i have the same problems using Coolpix5000, FC-E8 Fisheye, IPIX Rotator Pack and a Manfrotto Tripod. Now i'm sitting and trying and trying to get perfect results.

What to you mean with rotate 0.5 degrees ??  Is it yaw,roll or pitch ??
Hope to get it fixed before monday :)






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I rotate the images in PhotoShop but I believe it would be a "roll".  Good luck.

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Hi alaok,

     Yes I must regretably admit I used their bracket and Panoweaver. I find inherant in the FE's acquired that I need to rotate one hemisphere or the other when manually stitching. You might also note that if you put a spirit level on the bracket without the camera in it, that when you have it level for one shot then rotate for the reverse shot that those brackets will fall off level! Don't know why. Dave at 360 as a lot of info on trouble shooting your rigs. I got tired of manually correcting and baught a Kaidian 990CS. This took care of the problem.

Hope it gets you started!
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When I bought my Nikon fisheye lens for my 995 off Ebay, I got an IP*X rotator  thrown in on the deal.  I have to rotate both spheres .5-degrees and I get very good stitches using the 2 sphere Panoweaver method.  I also mask out all the black around the spheres so there is a crisp edge. 

I use batch actions quite a bit and created one for this adjustment and it works 95%.  It works like this:

  • Select the Elliptical Marquee tool to create a circle around the sphere.
  • Invert
  • Delete (This leaves me a black background. Ford Oxal's ClickAway uses a green background)
  • Rotate the image 0.5-degrees
  • Save

This works for me and I will use this rotator until I can afford a Kaidan system.  If anyone has a Kaidan system they want to unload, please let me know because my system is Mickey Mouse, but it works.  The other reason I want the Kaidan system is so I can generate high-res pans for large art prints.

Good luck, Tom