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Newbie Question-Stitching Seams

Hi:  I am trying the trial version of Panoweaver to see if I can make the jump from the one shot camera to a better system.  I have sample shots that others in the forum were kind enough to provide me with.  My question is, what is the best way to get rid of the stitching seams?  The overlap blending isn't working as well as I would like it to unless I am doing something wrong.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Should I be in Photo Shop?


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Without knowing or seeing the "shared" images and how they where shot and the whole process it is hard to say.

Seam blending can be controlled or minimized by knowing how to shoot correctly and how to process the shots correctly.

It is true that some (maybe a lot) or seam clean-up is required in Photoshop. But this becomes second nature as you learn professional panorama making. If it was as simple as point, shoot stitch then every man and his dog would do it.

Some have techniques and skill that is higher than others but most will offer help until you have a process to work by so you too have a process to create nice panoramas.

The questions you are asking are the same questions that have been asked and answered more then a couple of hundred times here on this very forum. The search button should reveal a plethora of threads to help you out.

Regards, Smooth